Wheels of Thunder Members

Bob Brenner                      William Betz                      Jim Clour

Michael Cocove                George Cowan                  David Dean                        

Junior Durham                 Anthony DeGregorio      Dave Garron

Doug Gibson                     John Helbach                    Robin Hemple                  

Phil Hitchner                     Dustin Hitchner               Linda Jackson                  

Harry Jackson                  Greg Jones                        Ed Kligman                        

Linwood Marshall           Ben Nolan                          Charles Pierce

Leroy Pierce                     Ockie Pierce                      Dave Ridgway                  

Matt Ritter                         Dave Rogers                      Bobby Schultz                   

Flossie Sooy                      David Summers                William Weber                

Jim Wilde   



Ed Kligman               Nellie Pierce

Joyce & Linwood Marshall

Leroy Pierce

Mike Dean

Anthony DiGregorio & Phil Hitchner

Doug & Betty Gibson

Dave & Maria Ridgway

Mike & Mary Dean

Robin & Betty Hemple

The Whole Gang

Oscar and Nellie at the Upper Deerfield Car Show June 24 2017!

Tell Ed Sandy is looking for him

The women of the club!

The men of the club!

Linwood an Joyce

A few members hanging out

The men just chilling

Robin directing traffic at the Walmart Spring time cruise talking to Wayne Hemple 2018

walmart springtime Cruise

Chilling at the Walmart Springtime Cruise

Walmart Springtime Cruise

Walmart Sprintime Cruise

Our new male model!